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Our lawyers work with clients who are buying, selling, financing, developing and leasing real estate. They have years of experience in working with both corporate and individual clients, and use this experience to ensure clients receive efficient and quality service. They can assist with closing your transaction, drawing and reviewing contracts and commercial and residential leases, strata property issues, Land Title issues, and subdivisions. 

If you have a question regarding these issues in British Columbia, please feel free to call us today!

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Partition of Property

By Stuart Cappus For a variety of reasons, two or more people can find themselves owning a single piece of property together. They could have bought the property together. Some or all could have inherited their interest in the property from a former owner. Regardless of how they came to own a property together, there […]

Residential Tenancies: Abandoned Property

By Stuart Cappus Tenants often leave things behind when they move out of a rental unit. In certain circumstances, the landlord is entitled to assume that the tenant has abandoned those belongings and proceed to remove and dispose of them. Specifically, if a tenant leaves things behind after moving out at the end of their […]

Residential Tenancies: Evictions

By Stuart Cappus A landlord can evict a tenant for any number of reasons. In all cases, the landlord must give the tenant a certain amount of notice. How much notice depends on the reason the tenant is being evicted. The most common notices of eviction are: 10-day notice: Unpaid Rent If the tenant fails […]

Residential Tenancies: Moving In and Out

By Stuart Cappus When a tenant moves into a rental unit, the landlord will require the tenant to pay a damage deposit. The damage deposit cannot be more than ½ the monthly rent. Right before the tenant moves in, the landlord and tenant should inspect the unit, and complete and sign a Condition Inspection Report. […]

Builders Lien Holdbacks

A builders lien holdback is money that is held back at the time of sale of a property. The holdback is released after the time limit for filing a builders lien has expired. In B.C. a claim of builders lien may be filed against a property no later than 45 days after the date the improvement (building) is completed, abandoned or terminated.

When the Buyer Does Not Buy

What do you do when you think you have sold your house but the buyer does not complete the purchase? The rights of the seller are set out in the contract of purchase and sale. The standard contract of purchase and sale used in many sales in British Columbia contains the following provision: 12. TIME: […]

Two Home Strata

In B.C. it is possible in many areas to build 2 houses on one legal lot and then strata title the houses and create a new strata lot for each house. You can even have some common property between the two houses, like a common driveway. Where this is permitted, normally a developer will buy […]

Title Insurance

Title insurance is an insurance policy from a company like Stewart Title Guarantee Company or First Canadian Title that covers either a mortgage lender or a purchaser against certain types of losses. Title insurance may be required by some mortgage lenders. In other cases it may be used, if there is no survey available. Title […]

Buying Real Estate

Costs What are the costs of buying real estate? This page lists most of costs involved. Some of them are one-time costs and others, such as condominium maintenance fees and property insurance, will be ongoing monthly expenses. The good news is that not all of these costs may apply in your circumstances. Harmonized Sales Tax […]

Property Purchase Transfer Tax

Property purchaser transfer tax (P.P.T.) is payable by the purchaser at the time an application to register a transfer is made at the Land Title Office. The tax payable is 1% of the first $200,000 of the fair market value of the property and 2% on the remainder of the amount. Subject to a list […]