Month: August 2016

ICBC Ordered to Pay Injured Woman’s Legal Fees After Disobeying Court Order

By Stuart Cappus The BC Supreme Court recently admonished ICBC for failing to disclose video surveillance in direct breach of a Court Order. Following a jury trial, a BC Supreme Court judge ordered ICBC to pay the legal fees of a woman seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision. Months before the trial, the Court […]

Get To Know Our Lawyers – Blair Franklin

In practicing law for over 20 years, Blair has been interested in giving his clients pragmatic advice, while helping them navigate and avoid problems. Blair’s interest in problem solving is what lead him to a career in law. Overall, it is the people and problem solving that he enjoys most about practicing law. Blair has […]

Get To Know Our Lawyers – Richard Johnston

Richard has been practicing law for over 30 years, and his interest in litigation has always pushed him towards finding the best results for the client. For Richard, the ‘job is about helping people get their lives back.’ He finds the ability to help his clients to be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Outside the office, […]

Distracted Driving

It may be difficult to believe, but distracted driving is killing more people each year in British Columbia than impaired driving. Furthermore, distracted driving is the second leading cause of crash fatalities, only behind speeding. The statistics show that on average, 81 people die each year where distracted driving is a contributing factor. These numbers […]

ICBC Claims: Frequently Asked Questions

When you are involved in a crash, ICBC will assign an adjuster to your file. The adjuster works both for you (for your vehicle damage repairs claim and rehabilitation benefits claim) and against you (for your personal injury claim). That is why most ICBC claims lawyers say that it is very important to consult with […]

The Historic Nanaimo Courthouse

As part of a series on historical buildings in and around the Nanaimo area, our very own Greg Phillips was interviewed by the Nanaimo News Bulletin to share his experiences in the Nanaimo Courthouse on Front St. We like to remind our clients and friends that courthouses are open to the public, even while court […]

The Risks of DIY Wills and Home Will Kits

Why not do my own will? “Do-it-yourself” and home will kits are popular. However, they are also hazardous. While there is a long list of common mistakes, the most common is to omit a clause giving away the residue of the estate. Another common mistake is to give away an asset that no longer exists at the […]

What A Will Does and Does Not Do

What does a will do? A will provides for the management and distribution of your property upon your death. Through your will, you can appoint an executor to manage your estate, which includes payment of your debts and distribution of your property, and you can provide specific instructions as to how you want this to happen. This can […]

Wills Variation

Disappointed beneficiaries are often caught off guard, and mistakenly believe that there is no recourse. The Wills, Estates and Successions Act (“WESA”) gives children and spouses the right to apply to court to vary the terms of will if they feel that they have been treated unfairly in a process called “wills variation”. There is no distinction […]

Who is a “Spouse”?

The definition of spouse has evolved dramatically, and can vary depending on the legislation being considered, or the jurisdiction you are in. Both the Wills, Estates and Successions Act (“WESA”) and the Family Law Act define spouses as two people of any gender who are married to each other, or who have lived together in […]

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