Month: October 2019

Buying and Selling a Manufactured Home

A key difference between the sale of a manufactured home (commonly known as a mobile home) and the sale of an immovable house is that the land that the manufactured home is situated on usually does not change ownership at the time of the sale. Ownership of land is registered in the Land Title Office, […]

What is a “Minor” injury?

After April 1, 2019, all motor vehicle accidents that occur in BC will be subject to a new set of legislation that places a cap on damages for people who suffer “minor” injuries. Crucial to this determination is the definition of minor injury. According to the BC Government’s new and draconian ICBC legislation, a minor […]

How does the CRT work?

The Civil Resolutions Tribunal (or CRT) is far less formal than the usual court process. This is because the vast majority of the tribunal’s work is done entirely online. For ICBC claims, an individual can only initiate a claim with the CRT by completing an online application through the tribunal’s “Solution Explorer”. The Solution Explorer […]

What is the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)?

The Civil Resolution Tribunal (or CRT) is an administrative tribunal established by the BC government in 2012 to handle disputes between strata councils and property owners. In 2017, the tribunal’s jurisdiction was expanded to allow them to hear small claims disputes of $5,000 or less. The current BC government has drastically expanded the tribunal’s jurisdiction […]