Month: March 2022

ICBC Ordered to Pay Special Costs for Post-Judgment Delays

ICBC has been ordered to pay an injured man special costs for unreasonable conduct following trial.In Purewal v. Uriarte, 2021 BCSC 1935, the plaintiff was injured in car accident in 2016. ICBC had conduct of the defence on behalf of the at-fault party. The plaintiff’s claim proceeded to trial in June 2020. The judge ultimately […]

Duty to Defend

If a person who has purchased liability insurance injures another person, the former’s insurance company will typically defend the insured and pay damages to the injured person. However, are instances where an insurance company can rightly refuse to defend an insured. That was what happened in the recent case of Henderson v. Northbridge General Insurance […]

Key Provisions of CRT Act found Unconstitutional

The Civil Resolutions Tribunal (or CRT) is an administrative tribunal established by the BC government in 2012 to handle disputes between strata councils and property owners. In 2017 the tribunal’s jurisdiction was expanded to allow them to hear small claims disputes of $5,000 or less.The NDP government drastically expanded the tribunal’s jurisdiction in 2019 to […]