Richard Johnston

Symons v. ICBC (Tort)

Richard Johnston and Stuart Cappus just received Reasons for Judgment awarding a young woman more than $2 million in damages for injuries and losses she suffered as a result of a serious collision. While driving home one night, our client was rear-ended by a 1-ton truck going 160km/h and driven by a drunk driver. She […]

Get To Know Our Lawyers – Richard Johnston

Richard has been practicing law for over 30 years, and his interest in litigation has always pushed him towards finding the best results for the client. For Richard, the ‘job is about helping people get their lives back.’ He finds the ability to help his clients to be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Outside the office, […]

Gravelle v. Seargeant

In this case, Richard Johnston and Trina Brubaker acted for a young man who was injured in two collisions. When he was just 16-years-old, our client was struck by a Dodge Viper as he was walking along the side of a road. The Viper struck our client with such force that it threw him about […]

Demarzo v. Michaud

In this case, Richard Johnston represented a young woman who was injured in a rear-end collision. She had been stopped at a red light when her SUV was struck from behind with such force that her vehicle was launched forward roughly 15 feet. As a result of the collision, our client suffered neck, shoulder and […]

Haley v. Gust

In this case, Richard Johnston and Greg Phillips acted for a 35-year-old deputy sheriff and mother of two. She was injured when her motorcycle was struck by a car that turned left in front of her in an intersection. The impact sent her flying her over the handlebars of her motorcycle and onto the roadway. […]

If You Were Injured By the Fault of Another, an ICBC Adjuster is not Acting in Your Best Interest

Many people injured in collisions are under the misconception that an ICBC adjuster is acting in their best interest, and that legal representation is not necessary. In reality, adjusters are operating under strict instructions and constraints, informed by the company’s cost-minimizing policies and profit motive. Instructions to minimize bodily injury claim payouts cannot be in […]

Taunia S.

December 2009 Three years ago I was injured in a Motor Vehicle accident which left me with permanent back pain and headaches. I initially dealt with ICBC on my own thinking I could avoid paying legal fees but it soon became clear to me that I needed legal representation. I hired Richard Johnston, who specializes […]

Gil P.

When I seriously injured my shoulder in a motor vehicle accident a friend recommended Johnston Franklin to help me with my ICBC claim.  Rick was able to get ICBC to pay for my medical treatment and when they did not make a reasonable offer at mediation, he recommended we got to trial.  ICBC picked a […]

Brandi B.

Several years ago I was a passenger in a MVA. Following this accident I suffered from upper back and neck pain, which resulted in crippling migraines. Apart from my physical aliments I was also experiencing PTSD which resulted in fairly severe depression. With all of this Richard Johnston and his team never missed a beat. […]

Jury Trials

In almost all motor vehicle accident claims in British Columbia, if the case is being heard by a Jury, it is ICBC, not the Plaintiff, who has chosen this method of trial. In Nanaimo, this is always the case. There is at least one significant difference between how cases are presented to a Jury compared […]

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