Whiplash is probably the most common type of injury suffered by people in car accidents. Whiplash is a type of soft-tissue injury that involves damage to a person’s muscles, ligaments and tendons. People involved in car accidents commonly sustain soft-tissue injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding the spine, namely the neck, shoulders and back. These type of injuries can be both painful and limiting. While they can improve and resolve with treatment, they can also be long-lasting and permanent.

Unlike broken bones, soft-tissue injuries do not show up on scans or medical imaging such as x-rays, ultrasounds or MRIs. For that reason, some people call them “subjective” injuries. That is because the subjective complaints of the person suffering from them is the only evidence of their existence. Because of that, soft-tissue injuries can be difficult to prove. Knowing this, insurance companies like ICBC are often unwilling to accept the presence or severity of soft-tissue injuries, which can be distressing given the impact these types of injuries can have on a person’s daily life at home and at work.

Fortunately, our team of ICBC injury lawyers have years of experience dealing with cases involving soft-tissue injuries. From negotiating fair settlements to succeeding at trial, our lawyers have a proven track record of getting people with soft-tissue injuries full compensation for all of their losses. Along the way, we can help you access the treatment you need to recover and any wage loss benefits you’re entitled to. We can also facilitate the assessments needed to determine the full impact of these soft-tissue injuries on your life both now and in the future. These assessments can tell us many things like your prognosis for further recovery, the effect of your injuries on your ability to work, other career options if your injuries prevent you from doing your current job, and what treatments you’ll likely require down the road.

If you sustained whiplash in a car accident, contact us today for a free consultation – before speaking with ICBC!

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