Month: September 2017

Section 58 of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act

By Stuart Cappus To be valid, a will must be in writing, signed by the will-maker in the presence of two witnesses who are present at the same time, and signed by those two witnesses in the presence of the will-maker. Historically in BC, a will could not be admitted to probate unless these formal […]

Residential Tenancies: Month to Month or Fixed Term Contracts

By: Simon Irving When entering into a residential tenancy contract there are two options with regard to the rental period of the agreement. A landlord and tenant can agree that the tenancy period will be on a month to month basis or for a set term. As the rental market becomes more competitive it is […]

Small Claims Monetary Limit Changes

By: Simon Irving As of June 1, 2017 the Small Claims Act has been altered to change the monetary limits that an individual can pursue in the Provincial (Small Claims) Court of BC. The previous limit that an individual could sue for in a Small Claims action was $25,000; the amount has been increased to […]