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What information do I need to provide a lawyer in an ICBC accident claim?
You will need to provide any information that you have related to the accident. Police reports and other information can be obtained by us. You will also need to provide information on your injuries and treatment, expenses incurred as a result of the accident, time off work and lost work or educational opportunities.
Is there a time limit to submitting an ICBC claim?
The general limitation period is 2 years. But it may be shorter if the defendant is a municipality and can be extended for a minor. Only a lawyer looking at the specific facts can determine the exact limitation.
What do I need when starting a business in BC?
You should consider licensing requirements (e.g. business license, liquor license) and the structure of your business (e.g. proprietorship, partnership, incorporation) and your business name.
Can a lawyer assist my commercial real estate transaction?
We can assist with reviewing legal aspects of ownership and charges on title and closing the transaction and financing.
What are the main things to know for estate planning?
Each estate plan is unique depending on your circumstances. You should consider your estate plan as a whole including a will but also joint ownership and beneficiary designations. You should also consider appointing an attorney to handle finances while alive, a representative for health care decisions and an advance directive to die with dignity.
Can a will be changed after a loved one’s passing?
A spouse or child can apply to vary a will through they generally must bring a claim to vary the will within 180 days after probate is granted.
Can the executor of a will be removed and changed to another person?
Yes. A court can remove an executor and appoint a new executor.
How can a lawyer help my ICBC claim?
We can advise you as to the appropriate compensation that you may be entitled to receive for your claim and represent you in the court process and negotiate a possible settlement.
What do my business partner and I need in our agreement?
The factors will depend on the structure of the business (e.g. corporation, nature of the business and the partners. Generally you will want to consider the scope and nature of partners’ relationship, the conduct of the affairs of the business, financing, restrictions on transfer/right of first refusal, dispute resolution/compulsory buy-out, obligation to join in a sale and piggy-back rights, obligation to purchase/obligation to sell, indemnification and discharge of guarantees, insurance policies, sale on death, wills/alter ego trust, remedies on default and family law considerations.
I’ve been wrongfully dismissed, what can be done?
You may be entitled to compensation under the Employment Standards Act and may be entitled to additional compensation under common law principles. The amount depends on many factors including the years of employment, age and position.
How can I properly remove a troublesome employee?
You will have to comply with any agreement, the provisions of the Employment Standards Act and common law rules. So the procedure will depend on which of those factors apply.
How do I transfer my business to a family member?
That depends on the nature of your business, its structure (if it is incorporated), if you are getting paid and what the potential taxes. How to transfer the business will depend on what your goals are.
What should my employment contract have in it?
Your employment contract should have terms specifying how you will be paid and any benefits you may be entitled to, hours of work, the notice that employer and employee have to give to terminate the agreement and expectations of the employee’s conduct.
What is the difference between disbursements, other charges and legal fees?
Disbursements are out pocket expenses for things like filing fees with the court or land title office. Other charges include costs for things like photocopying. Legal fees are the costs you are paying the lawyer for their time.

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