Gravelle v. Seargeant

In this case, Richard Johnston and Trina Brubaker acted for a young man who was injured in two collisions. When he was just 16-years-old, our client was struck by a Dodge Viper as he was walking along the side of a road. The Viper struck our client with such force that it threw him about 30 feet into a nearby ditch where he laid with a fractured femur and significant injuries to his lower back, groin and right knee. The second collision resulted in slightly less serious injuries.

After the first collision, our client underwent a painful surgery to straighten his leg followed by a second surgery to address his fractured femur. After 8 days in hospital, our client was discharged home in a wheel chair to begin his rehabilitation. Despite receiving various forms of treatment, our client still had not made a full recovery nearly 4 years after the first collision. He had been forced to miss a semester of high school, could no longer snowboard at his previous level and, ultimately, was now limited in the type of jobs and careers he could pursue in the future.

At trial, Richard and Trina presented evidence from various expert witnesses in support of our client’s case. As a result, the trial judge awarded our client $403,898.92 in damages including $290,000 for loss of future earning capacity.

You can click on the link below to read the trial judge’s Reasons for Judgment:

Gravelle v. Seargeant, 2013 BCSC 536