What to do if you have been in an Accident

1. Determine if any one is hurt. If you, one of your passengers or someone in another vehicle is or could very well be seriously injured, call 911 immediately.

2. Get to a place of safety. Depending on where the accident happened or where your vehicle ended up, you may be prone to being struck again. If your vehicle is in a dangerous place and is driveable, move it to a safe place.

3. Collect Information. It is very important to get the name, address and driver’s license number of the other driver involved. Make a note of the license plate number of their car. If the license plate is not from British Columbia, look at the driver’s insurance papers to determine their insurance company and policy number. Write down the name and phone numbers of any witnesses. If you have your smart phone with you, take pictures of the scene and vehicles involved.

4. Call the police if necessary. You will want to call the police if the other driver flees before you can identify him or if the other driver is acting strangely or suspiciously. You should also ask the police to come to the scene if it looks like there could be an issue with who was at fault for the accident.

5. Get medical attention. If you are injured, you should seek immediate medical attention after leaving the scene. If you cannot see your family doctor, go to an emergency room or walk-in clinic.

6. Call a lawyer. While you can report the accident to ICBC yourself, it is important to know that anything you say to them could later be used against you to deny or minimize a future claim. Because of that, we recommend talking with one of our ICBC injury lawyers first. We offer free consultations and can explain your options and how we can help.